Tam Good Home Catering

Having a dinner party?  Looking for a different twist?  How about having a professional chef come in and cook for you and your guests in your home?

Chef Francis Tam and Tam Good Catering offers this service starting at $125 plus groceries.  We will have a consultation with you to design a menu that suits your personal tastes, pick up the groceries keeping your budget in mind and come into your home to cook the meal and serve it.  We can even clean up so you don't have to *

We are now serving the St. John's Area.

Call Francis at 743-9057
or email chef.tam@hotmail.com

*additional $25 fee for dish washing service.


  1. Hello Chef...

    I just wanted to post a positive comment for a Blog well done! Being a "lifer" in the industry myself, I know how crazy it is having to juggle your time between work and home. I admire your determination and perseverance for managing a blog site of this capacity. The key any man's success is having a understanding and supportive wife. Good luck with your endeavors. And may bigger and better things come your way for the New Lunar Year!


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