Monday, June 24, 2013

Just Goody Mart

Just Goody Mart on the corner of Churchill Square and Elizabeth Ave
Recently, a friend told me about a new Chinese grocery store in St. John’s.  I was pretty excited because there are not many Chinese grocery stores in town.  There is Magic Wok Grocery on Duckworth Street and Oriental Snow Mart in the University Centre at MUN.  Asian Variety used to be on Water Street, but has since been sold and rebranded as the Newfoundland style Water Street Variety.  The addition of a new store in Churchill Square called Just Goody Mart is refreshing and brings more choice to the St. John’s consumer.
View of main aisle from the entrance

The store has been open for just over a month now is one of St. John’s newest best kept secrets.

Just Goody Mart is a little bit larger than Magic Wok Grocery and Oriental Snow Mart, about the size of a medium Convenience store.  The store has an open feel to it and is clean and well maintained.  They have three aisles, which contain common items, such as noodles, rice snacks, Asian candy, Asian drinks, hot pot sauces and seasonings, an area of Lee Kum Kee products (soya sauces, broths, sesame oils, etc) and several freezers with frozen dim sum (buns, dumplings), frozen seafood and meats for hot pot.  There are many other items, but it would be difficult to list them all off.  The staff members are friendly and helpful and there are pull carts to help carry your groceries as you shop. 

I have passed by the store unnoticed until my friend told me about the location, because the area is under the Churchill Square apartments, on the side accessible by sidewalk facing Elizabeth Avenue.  Parking is close, with the Churchill Square parking lot about 20 ft from the door.  Being father away from the main Churchill Square building, there is free parking in unmetered spaces close by.

So if you’re looking for something fun to do this week, why not check out Just Goody Mart? 


P.S:  They have a weekly special flyer which can be seen on the store’s webpage:



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