Saturday, August 3, 2013

Easy watermelon carving

Hey everyone,
In the heat of the summer, nothing beats a nice cool watermelon for a summer treat.  When having a get together, why not have a simple watermelon carving to serve as a centrepiece?  Here is an easy method for carving watermelon, perfect for beginners.

Things you need:
print out design
masking tape
ballpoint pen
cutting tool (preferably a Thai carving knife, but an x-acto knife works well too.)

1) buy watermelon



2) print out design you would like to carve out of the watermelon skin

3) tape design to watermelon using masking tape.  Smooth the edges to conform to the shape of the watermelon, then secure in place by tape.

4) once the design is secure, trace the outline of the design with a ballpoint pen tracing hard enough to make an imprint on the watermelon beneath the paper.
5) remove paper.

6) with the knife, carefully remove the top green layer skin by cutting out small pieces of the green and slicing off the top layer using the knife on a 20-30 degree angle.  Cut out the pieces not part of your design to have the design in green as I have, or conversely, you can cut out your design, leaving your design white and your background green.

once you have become used to this, you may cut deeper to make designs using the three different colors and layers of the watermelon.  Here is one I did for my son's birthday party.



  1. Wow, that last one is great! Good job!

  2. What does the Chinese on the first one say? It looks easier than I thought it was. Makes me want to try it sometime... :-)

  3. Hi!

    The Chinese character says "fook" or fortune in Chinese. You should definately try it out, since its only piercing the outside skin, you can cut it up and eat the watermelon afterwards. We even ate the flower watermelon afterwards.

  4. I should! My daughter Charlotte would love it...she's my watermelon-loving kid. :-)