Sunday, June 1, 2014


Every year or two, I go with my wife to Ottawa to visit family and we always make a trip downtown to see the sights, tour the parliament buildings, visit the museums, walk down Sparks Street, shop at the Byward Market and grab one of my favourite treats: a Beavertail.
The Triple Trip, an ooey gooey guilty pleasure

Beavertails are Canadian treats, something like what you would find at a county fair, made of flat fried dough topped with delicious toppings.  Beavertails is a National Chain, founded in 1978 by Grant and Pam Hooker, who first sold their pastries at a local fair and two years later opened the first Beavertails location in Byward Market, Ottawa.
When we go to Beavertails, we get our usual favourites.  My wife's favourite is the Avalanche, which is a cream cheese icing, caramel and Skor bar bits.  Mine is the Triple Trip, made with Nutella, Reeses Pieces and peanut butter.  It was only during my visits to Ottawa that I was able to enjoy this treat, until today.

A Beavertails mobile location had a grand opening down on the Waterfront downtown St. John's today, so a friend and I checked it out (My wife is currently in Ottawa and can go to the original location).  It was quite busy, but the atmosphere was festive, with a beaver mascot and employees giving out free samples, temporary tattoos and balloons for the kids. 

I ordered my favourite, the Triple Trip.  If I closed my eyes, it would feel like I was on the corner of Byward Market (albeit sometime in October, it was chilly today).  At $7.00 for the "premium" Beavertails, the prices were the same as in Ottawa.  It is great to be able to have a Beavertail any time that I want, however seeing that beavertails are fried dough topped with chocolate, peanut butter and candy, it will have to be reserved as a special occasion treat.

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