Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Pi Day

  Happy Pi Day!

As many of you know, March 14th is Pi day, the celebration of the mathematical constant , or 3.14.  In honor of this day, I made a blueberry and mascarpone pie and I am writing a review on a local gourmet pizzeria, Pi.

Pi is a fairly new trendy restaurant on Kings Rd, just up from Duckworth Street.  I went with two buddies on a Saturday afternoon.  For appetizers, we ordered garlic cheese bread, sweet potato and roasted red pepper soup.  The prices were reasonable, $7 for a ½ loaf of homemade bread with garlic seasoning and tons of cheese, $5 for a bowl of soup, which was smokey, creamy and rich. 

For mains, we ordered a Carnivore pizza, Fettuccine Alfredo pasta and Sir Issac Salmon pizza.  The carnivore pizza is a black olive tomato base topped with pepperoni, bacon, shaved steak, chicken and red onion, $27 for a medium.  The fettuccine alfredo served is linguine with a parmesan cream sauce with vegetables and chicken for $21.  The Sir Issac Salmon is a sun-dried tomato and avocado cream cheese base topped with smoked salmon, sweet potatoes, red onion, fresh tomatoes and feta and Italian cheeses, $21 for a small.

The carnivore pizza was loaded with toppings with a thin crust, given the thinness of the crust, it didn’t hold up well with the abundance of toppings, we needed to cut the pizza with a fork and knife in order to keep the toppings from coming off the crust.  This worked well, as in my opinion, the toppings are the best part of the pizza.  The fettuccine was very cheesy, the waitress came to our table and grated fresh parmesan cheese onto our pasta.  The noodles were overcooked, but the sauce was rich, creamy and the garlic was tasty, but not overpowering.  The Sir Issac Salmon had less toppings than the carnivore, but was bold and savory in flavor. The thinly sliced sweet potato pieces were a delicious complement.

Overall, the experience and flavors were great, and we will definitely return to Pi.  The prices are a bit high for a typical pizzeria, however this is not a typical pizzeria, it is a gourmet pizzeria and well worth the money.

3.5 out of 5

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