Thursday, March 21, 2013

T&T Supermarket

Every time I go to Toronto to visit my Grandpa, aunts, uncles and cousins, I always make a point to enjoy Chinese treats I wouldn’t easily be able to get back in Newfoundland.  I go to dim sum at least twice, as there are no fresh dim sum places home, I hit Pacific Mall and Chinatown for shopping and I go to my favorite Chinese grocery store, 大統  T&T Supermarket.

T&T on Cherry street, Toronto - Photo from Wikipedia
T&T Supermarket is pretty much a Chinese Dominion, in fact, T&T Supermarket is owned by Loblaws, the parent company of Dominion.  I always head there the first few days I am in Toronto to get lop cheurng, beef jerky, and other non perishable grocery items, and the day I fly back to NL so I can bring home freshly baked Chinese pastries and buns.  They have everything you could want in a Chinese grocery store, but has the standards and cleanliness of a western national grocery chain.  I have written to T&T several times asking them to open a T&T in St. John’s, but they always replied “thank you for your interest, however we have no plans to open a location in Newfoundland any time soon”.  Sad.

Anyways, I was walking through Dominion the other night and saw a display of T&T products!  I was very excited, and bought some products, such as the frozen mochi dessert, Chinese egg pastry (Chinese rice krispies) and pineapple cake squares.  There were a few Korean marinades, a few different cookies and crackers and some Japanese items.  There wasn't a great selection, but for Newfoundland, I was impressed.  I hope that the items sell well so that Dominion will carry more T&T brand items.

By the way, the Mochi were delicious!  I never had frozen mochi before, but after waiting the 10 mins for the glutinous outside to thaw, I popped it into my mouth and was amazed, it tasted awesome!  The pineapple squares were really good as well, they are something like fig newtons on the outside, but the filling is very sweet fruity and tropical.  The Chinese rice krispies were quite tasty as well.  Sweet, but not too sweet, which is great for people who want a little treat to go with their tea, but nothing too sweet.  They’re also my mom’s favorite, so I better go pick up some for her visit next week. Happy shopping!

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