Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Salmon - A Super Food Tail

Salmon is one of my favorite fish to eat.  Salmon is flavorful and versatile, as it can be steamed, fried, baked and holds together well when put into hot pot, chowders and jook.  Salmon burgers hold together even better than cod or haddock burgers due to its density. 

I have heard several friends and family members mention that they did not eat salmon very often because it is “too fatty” thus must be high in calories and bad for you.  This is a myth, because while salmon is a “fatty” fish, it is actually low in calories and high in omega-3 fatty acids, which has been shown to help improve cardiovascular health.  Here are a few facts on this wonderful food:

·       Salmon is a “super food” with its high omega-3 fatty acid content which studies have showed to promote a healthy heart.

·         American heart Association recommends eating fatty fish like salmon twice a week.

·       Salmon is relatively low in calories. It has lots of iron, a good source of iron, and low in saturated fats. It packs 200 calories for 3 oz.

·       It’s also has high levels of Vitamin D which promote bone health, good for the heart and blood vessels. Our immune system will function more effectively to combat sicknesses and auto-immune diseases like cancer if we consume sufficient amounts of vitamin D

These are just a few of the many benefits of eating salmon.   

Here is a recipe for panko crusted salmon.  The salmon, paired with vegetables is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and makes a great meal for the family, or for dinner parties.

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