Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wonton Soup with Shrimp


1 lb                  Ground Pork 
1 cup               Minced Raw Shrimp                                     
2                      Packs Wonton Wraps                        
1 tsp                Sesame oil                                           
1 tsp                Onion powder                                      
½ tsp               Garlic Powder                                     
1 tbsp              Soy Sauce                                                                   
½ tsp               Salt                                                                               
¼ tsp               Black pepper                                       
1/2 cup           Green onions, chopped

12 cups           Water
6 cups             Chicken broth
2 tbsp              Onion powder
½ tbsp             Garlic Powder
½ tbsp             Soy Sauce
1 tsp                Sesame oil
Salt & Black pepper to taste 

 12 slices         Cooked BBQ pork
 3 tbsp             Green onions, chopped


1.  Dice up green onions
2.  Place Ground meat in mixing bowl; add minced shrimp; add 1 Tsp sesame oil, pepper, salt, garlic powder, soy sauce and green onions; Mix evenly.
3.  Place small portion of meat in the center of each wonton wrap.  Using your finger, apply water to the edge of the wonton wrap.

4.  Fold wonton wrap in half into a triangle, then bunch up the rest of the wrap into a moneybag shape. Repeat with following wonton and meat.

5.  Boil half a pot of water.  Put wontons into boiling water and let cook for 5-7 minutes until wonton is tender and the wonton floats to the top.
6.  For the soup base, add chicken broth, dash of pepper, dash of garlic & onion powder and let cook another few minutes.
7. When you are about to serve, add 2 tsp sesame oil to the broth.
8.  Garnish with green onions and BBQ pork and serve.

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